Our Hills are Alive, with the Sounds of Music!

One of the great centerpieces of Sunday worship, indeed one of the centerpieces of Big Canoe Chapel altogether, is our ministry of music makers. You’ll hear multiple choirs performing traditional church music, gospel, hymns, spiritual and contemporary performances--all proclaiming the infinite grace of God through Jesus Christ.

Chapel Choir

The Chapel Choir is made up of approximately 40 volunteer singers who rehearse two Thursday evenings each month and sing for the 9:00 and 10:30 Sunday Morning Worship Services on the first and third Sundays of each month. They also sing on Festival Sundays of the Church Year, including Easter, Christmas, and Pentecost, as well as for special events and performances.

Bell Choir Ministry

Under the direction of Sam Holmes , the Chapel Bell Choir is made up of 20 handbell musicians (15 regular members and 5 extended ringers), all from various walks of life.

Men's Chorus

The Men’s Chorus is made up of approximately 25 volunteer singing men who rehearse once each month and sing for both the 9:00 and 10:30 Sunday Morning Worship Services one Sunday a month. There are no auditions; it’s just men who want to sing and have fun doing so. The Men’s Chorus performs varied styles of church music, from traditional church music, gospel and hymn arrangements, to spirituals and contemporary pieces.

Raise Your Voice...We Have a Place for You!

If you simply love to sing (even in the shower) you’re invited to join the Chapel music ministry. No formal training is required, because we’ll have a place for you. Connect with us as we experience together joy, encouragement, and communicate the eternal truth of God’s word through music. If interested, contact Sam Holmes:

Email Same: samuelholmes77@gmail.com